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Rue21 Plans to Release New Marilyn Monroe Hoodies for the Winter

New rue21 marilyn monroe hoodie
The gorgeous turquoise Rue21 hoodie

Winter is almost here, and that means a surge of new hoodie and sweatshirt designs as apparel companies fight for the chance to keep us stylish and warm.  As you know I am a marilyn monroe sweatshirt fanatic and am constantly on the lookout for new designs, especially those with bandanas.

So you can imagine my heart skipped a beat when I saw that pre-orders were available for the lovely new turquoise and orange Marilyn Monroe hoodies.  Personally I will probably get turquise, just because it is so unique a color in the clothing world.  I am a little tempted to get all of them though because rue21 is notorious for going out of stock pretty quick.  I wish they had more permanent stock, but such is how the fashion and apparel industry goes I guess.

rue21 marilyn monroe sweater
The deep blue look

If turquoise isn’t your thing theres a few other choices such as orange, blue, and black.  These have a similar design with little twists, such as the long sleeve t-shirt having diamonds (a girls best friend) decorating the sleeves.  I like the bright orange shirt alot and wouldn’t mind wearing it underneath the turquoise for a multi-layered Monroe style.  FYI, turquoise and tangerine are highly complimentary colors, so you could make a lovely sight by standing next to a friend wearing the opposite color.

Rue21 marilyn monroe shirt
Orange bandana shirt

Unlike the typical gangster hoodie designs, these have more of a bandit vibe.  I know the diamond is one type of Marilyn Monroe symbolism, however when it is placed in her hand like this it looks more like a bandit scene.

The colors are used really cleverly by the designers to highlight certain things in the image.  By matching them with the background it creates a cool unifying theme that ties the hoodie together, super eye pleasing.

Why color the fingernails?  I think this is another way to highlight how cool Marilyn Monroe is today 60 years after her time.  Along with the tattoos and bandana, it is way to say that she always has a hip spirit and would live life on the edge.  In my opinion painting your fingernails bright orange is a bit rebellious and who knows, maybe Marilyn was even doing it in the 50s.

If you are as excited as I am about these new releases you can browse the rue21 site for more details.  As of right now it looks like they are due to be released in October, just in time for the more chilly weather.

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