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Marilyn Monroe Hoodies and Sweatshirts

A new trend i’ve noticed lately is Marilyn Monroe hoodies and sweatshirts.  The actress has always been a huge sex and fashion icon, so it makes sense people are capturing her irresistible vibe with sweatshirt looks.  If you are a fan of Marilyn Monroe its the perfect thing to wear this winter.


Popular Hoodie Looks

The graphics are as diverse and varied as the actress herself.  You can find tough marilyn monroe graphics with guns and tattoos, all the way to artsy and cute.  Theres really something for everyone, both my grandma and brother have a Marilyn Monroe hoodie.


The gangster and hip-hop culture absolutely adores Marilyn Monroe right now, and they show it through their clothing.  The designs for these feature a sexy and tough Marilyn, usually with guns, tattoos, and bandanas.  These will be sexier than most and some are clearly designed for guys.


The classic style sweatshirt graphics are much more family friendly and have less editing.  Expect to find simple black and white photos with text saying things like “Marilyn Monroe” or “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend”.

Classic hoodies are something you would find in LA and Hollywood gift shops, they are great souvenirs after visiting the actresses hometown.  In addition to souvenirs, they make great gifts for die-hard fans, and especially young movie fans.  I got my six year old niece one of these for her birthday and she absolutely loved it.

Colors and FX


Depending on where you buy your hoodie online, you will get to pick the hoodie color.  Especially on amazon where the hoodies are made to order, you can choose over 20 different colors.  However, for more elaborate and ornate hoodies, you may not have the option.

Here is an example of one hoodie that has 20 different color options.  This almost makes it too difficult to decide, so i just go with my favorite color, purple.


You can find elaborate hoodies that contain patterns covering their entire back, hood and sleeve’s.  These are alot more expensive than typical hoodies and are not usually available on big sites on amazon.  If I were you I would start with a site like RageOn or Dhgate and search around a bit.

Sweatshirt Materials

Sometimes people are so focused on the marilyn monroe graphics they completely forget to think about the hoodie fabrics used.  Depending on your preference you can get hoodies that are more comfortable, durable, or a blend of both.


A 100% cotton hoodie is natural and going to be the softest and smoothest material you can find.  If you have sensitive skin or just love to feel snug and toasty this is your ideal choice.  The trade-off however is they can be a bit more expensive and less durable over time.  The marilyn monroe art on your hoodie could potentially fade fast if you wear this out in the sun alot.  They can also shrink, stretch and change size over the years, unlike the other main material Polyester.


This is a common man-made material from recycled plastic and needless to say can be a little more rough and uncomfortable than cotton.  However the stuff is pretty indestructible and can take a beating.  It will also hold the color and dye of the marilyn monroe artwork forever, and is much more water-proof.  Many outdoor companies use polyester for rain and sweat resistant wear.

50/50 Hybrid

The best option is to get a hybrid of these two materials, and many times this will be your only option when searching on sites like rue21 and california republic.  The hybrid allows the material to stay strong and stretch proof, while also keeping your skin as soft and clear as Marilyn’s was.  It is really a material that is the best of two worlds.

The Actress Behind the Hoodie

Very few people have shook up our culture like Marilyn, and once you know about the woman its easy to get hooked by her personality.

She was born in L.A on June 1st, 1991 with the name Norma Jeane Mortenson.  Her early years were not easy to say the least, as her mother suffered from mental health issues and was often hospitalized.  After her mothers hospitalization in a mental institute, Monroe bounced around orphanage homes and foster care.  As a young girl she was even sexually abused by some families she was placed in the care of.

Despite this, Marilyn grew into a strong and determined woman.  In her late teens and early 20s she began a modeling career with a long-term dream of being an actress.  Through relentless hard word she worked her way around Hollywood and eventually had some breakaway film roles in the early 1950s.

By the mid 50s she became insanely famous and every household knew her name.  It wasn’t all perfect however, she had simultaneously become known for “dumb blonde” roles, something she did not like one bit.  You see, Marilyn Monroe was an intellectual at heart who loved to read, write poetry, and paint.  She wanted to be known as a good actress and not just for her looks.

So there ended up being two sides to the woman.  There was the intellectual ‘norma’ who was rebellious and did what she pleased, and then there was the smiling Marilyn and public face used for her films.  As time went on these two sides conflicted more and more until it became too much to lead two lives, and depression set in.  Eventually leading to her overdose and death.

Hit in Sweatshirt Fashion

50 years after her death our culture is still obsessed with the actress.  No where is this more obvious than in the clothing brands today.  You can find her image on shirts, leggings, sweatpants, and of course sweatshirts.  The reason being is that she is a symbol of rebellion, and in addition absolutely gorgeous.  She can be a role model and hero to young women, as well as a mysterious and gorgeous goddess to young guys.