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The Red Bandana Marilyn Monroe Hoodie by California Republic

Red is a powerful color that can have sub-conscious effects on humans and this hoodie is a perfect example of the effect in action.  By keeping the image black and white, the only color we see is from the red bandana.  Combined with the gorgeous and aloof eyes of Marilyn this has a really powerful affect.  According to psychology studies red can invoke feelings of passion, power, and respect. It is the color of our blood after all.

The design also has a mid-range close up of Marilyn and uses and edited photo from her early modeling days.  In my opinion the artist does an amazing job capturing the bad ass side of Marilyn Monroe by highlighting her eyes with the bandana.  They also add in a splash of branding by putting Marilyn Monroe in one of their famous bear t-shirts.

Quick overview:

  • 70% cotton 30% polyester
  • Soft Pullover Hoodie
  • Silk Screen Printed, Doesn’t Crack Like Cheap Prints
  • Should be washed in cold water to avoid fading

If you read our main hoodie guide, you know that cotton is the softest and most comfortable material for hoodies.  This sweatshirt has a whopping 70% cotton and is going to be extra comfortable compared to standard 50/50 cotton polyester blends.

Origins of the Marilyn Monroe Red Bandana Hoodie

The red bandana has been a famous gang symbol for decades, however only recently people have began to wear them again on their face and neck.  Originally,  bandits wore bandannas in the early western days to hide their identity as they robbed a bank.  In addition it could be used in dust storms and mining work to protect from breathing in the dust.

As street art and graffiti became popular in the 90s bandanas became widely used again.  Graffiti artists were often involved in the underground music scene and soon the bandana caught on as a cool thing among young partiers and edm fans.

This sweatshirt by California republic is definitely the best marilyn monroe red bandana hoodie of our collection for the money.   While there are alternatives with sleeve and hood decoration, they can be almost twice as expensive.